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Marin County, California.

In Marin County, California, the choices are endless for all kind of events - from dreamy to practical venues, you can not only meet your expectations, but surpass them.   Traditional venues abound, as well as Natural, Outdoor, Marin settings, are available to those that look.  Gather at a historic Mansion, a secluded beach, fancy waterfront restaurant, or in a magical Redwood Forest - the choices are endless, here, in Marin.

 In Marin, it is all about "classic" atmosphere!

     Places like the "Falkirk Mansion" in San Rafael or the "Lyford House" in Tiburon are classicHistoric Marin homes and worthy of mentioning.  However, there are Restaurants/dance facilities that have withstood the test of time, like "Rancho Nicasio", out in West Marin, that is worthy of consideration for your special day. Then there is plenty of outdoor nature settings that are very worthy as well.  Consider the Mill Valley Cushing Amphitheatre, a very surreal, poetic place to tie the knot.


  • Dugout Bar - San Anselmo - #415.456.0834   **Has Rental Hall with 220+capacity, Full kitchen.  Great for private parties, Dances, Receptions, Club Functions, Graduations, etc.


Outdoor, in nature, Marin Venue list:

  • Cushing Memorial Amphitheater  - Mill Valley, Ca.  415.388.2070
  • Lyford House At Tiburon Audubon Center - Tiburon, CA 415-388-2524 x 103 -
  • MV Outdoor Art Club - Mill Valley, CA (415) 383-2582 -


Club House Venues:


Restaurant / Club House Venues:


Golf Course Venues:


Hotel Venues


Non-profit Meeting and Event Venues:

  • Marin Masonic Lodge Auditorium - 1010 Lootens Place,  San Rafael
    • Tel: (415) 446-4212
    • Features:  Kitchen, Maximum cap=470, A/V
  • Marin History Museum – Boyd Gate House - 1125 “B” Street,  San Rafael
    • Tel:  (415) 454-8538
    • Email:
    • Features:  Kitchen, Maximum cap=200, A/V, multiple rooms
  • Marin Center - 10 Avenue of the Flags, San Rafael
    • Tel:  (415) 499-6400
    • Email:
    • Features:  Kitchen, A/V, Max. capacity=1500, Multiple rooms
  • Marin Art and Garden Center - 30 Sir Francis Drake,  Ross
    • Tel:  (415) 455-5260
    • Email:
    • Features:  Kitchen, A/V, Max. capacity=500, Multiple rooms
  • Bernard Osher Marin Jewish Community Center - 200 N San Pedro Rd,   San Rafael
    • Tel:  (415) 444-8084
    • Email:
    • Features:  Kitchen, A/V, Max. Capacity=500, Multiple rooms
  • Elks Lodge #1108 - 1312 Mission Avenue,  San Rafael
  • Falkirk Cultural Center - 1408 Mission Ave,   San Rafael
  • Dominican University - 50 Acacia,  San Rafael
    • Tel:  (415) 485-3228
    • Email:
    • Features:  Maximum cap=500, multiple rooms, some with A/V
  • Smith Rafael Film Center - 1118 Fourth Street,  San Rafael
  • St. Vincent’s School for Boys - 1 Saint Vincents Drive,  San Rafael
    • Tel:  (415) 507-4204
    • Email:
    • Features:  Kitchen, Maximum cap=550 in courtyard, Auditorium
  • Terra Linda Community Center - 670 Del Ganado Road,  San Rafael
  • Marine Mammal Center - 2000 Bunker Road, Ft. Cronkite,  Sausalito
  • Headlands Institute – A Campus of Nature Bridge
    • Golden Gate National Recreation Area 1033  Ft. Cronkite,   Sausalito
    • Tel:  (415) 332-5771 Email:
    • Features:  Kitchen, A/V, Max. capacity=100, Multiple rooms c/o
  • Lyford House - 376 Greenwood Beach Road,  Tiburon - Richardson Bay Audubon Center & Sanctuary
    • Tel:  (415) 388-2524, x113
    • Email:
    • Features:  Kitchen, Max. capacity=150, Multiple rooms
  • Lark Theater - 549 Magnolia Avenue,  Larkspur
  • YMCA – Point Bonita Outdoor & Conference Center - Golden Gate National Recreation Area - 981 Fort Barry,  Sausalito
    • Tel:  (415) 331-9622
    • Email:
    • Features:  A/V, Max. capacity=110, Multiple rooms
  • Belvedere Tiburon Landmarks Society - 1550 Tiburon Blvd, Ste M    Belvedere Tiburon, CA  94920
    • Tel: (415) 435-1853
    • Email:
    • Features: Kitchen, A/V, Max. Capacity= 200; Multiple locations: Old St. Hillary’s Church, China Cabin, Tiburon Garden Center
  • Fairfax Pavilion (Red Barn) - 142 Bolinas Road,  Fairfax

Natural Park/Outdoor Settings:

  • Lagoon Park (3mins from Marin Vista House)
    • At Marin Civic Center Lagoon - very nice setting. 
    • Large open grass spaces - with lagoon as background.   
  • McNears Beach (10 mins from Marin Vista House) 
  • McInnis Park (5 mins from Marin Vista House)
  • China Camp State Park: (4 mins from the Marin Vista House)
    • Website:
    • Reservable Picnic Sites
      • China Camp SP has three reservable picnic sites.   Buckeye Point and Weber Point are day use areas situated along San Pablo Bay with views of the water.  These two sites can be reserved for up to 50 people.  Each site has BBQs, picnic tables and flush toilets. 
      • Miwok Meadows Picnic Area is a grassy meadow among Oak and Bay woodlands.  It has BBQs, picnic tables, a horseshoe toss area, and chemical toilets (no running water).  It can accommodate up to 200 people. 
      • If you are interested in reserving Buckeye or Weber Points, please go to
    • For more information on special events and weddings:
  • Muir Wood National Monument:
  • Mt. Tamalpais State Park:
  • Stinson Beach
  • Muir Beach: (Adjacent to Muir Woods):
  • Pt Reyes National Seashore
  • Art & Garden Center -1870, Tiburon, -
  • Headlands Institute of Marin -
  • Cushing Memorial Amphitheater  - Mill Valley, Ca.  415.388.2070
    • High atop beautiful, mystical Mt. Tamalpais sits the Cushing Memorial Amphitheater.
    • Incredible views, and the enormous ring of carved-stone with theater seats - very mythic/magical Marin location on famous Mt. Tamalpais, Marin's home mountain.  
    • Call Pan Toll Ranger Station at #(415) 388-2070
    • What you get
      • Incredible Panoramic Views out to San Francisco bay, San Francisco, Marin.  Amazing. 
      • Spectacular, mythic like location - perfect for vows of a lifetime! :) 
      • Supports Mt. Tam and opens people to the magic of the environment. :) 
      • Fantastic Price!! Entire spot can be rented, all day, at great price! (approx all-day-price: $100!)
      • You-tube video here:
      • BUT, expect:
        • bit of a trek from the parking lot - but level.
        • no fancy dressing rooms
        • if you choose to hold the reception here, Caterer has got to be willing to tackle a logistical challenge! The Kitchen Magician in San Anselmo is known for doing this before and with style! Call 415.459.3033
        • Great place to hold a wedding!  


Seminary & traditional Worship Venues: